Strength Training

Strength training is the heart and soul of what we do at Industrial Strength.  Our programs are designed for everyday people who have other life commitments: careers, families, and so on.  Regardless of if you have never set foot in a gym before or you are a competitive lifter, we have an option to take your strength to the next level.  Because we offer strength training instruction in both private coaching format (1-on-1 personal training), as well as group classes, we have an option that is right for everyone.  Come train with us and help Keep Portland Strong!

1-on-1 Private Coaching

Private coaching (often called “personal training” at other facilities) is a great choice for those who enjoy the benefits of fully customized sessions with undivided attention from the instructor.  Our expert coaches individually tailor every session to the goals, needs, and experience level of each person who trains with us. Our 1-on-1 sessions are available as a stand-alone training method, in conjunction with our group classes, and as a way to make-up absences in our On-Ramp.

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The On-Ramp course is the starting point for those entering our Kettlebell and/or Strength & Conditioning classes.  Each cycle lasts one month, and begins each calendar month – think about it like grade school where your entire class starts together in the fall and finishes together in the spring, and you go through everything together as a group.  Each session will focus on developing safe & effective lifting technique, determining appropriate weights for each exercise, and usually ends with a short workout.  Additionally, throughout your On-Ramp you are encouraged to take as many Combative Conditioning, Jiu Jitsu, and Kickboxing classes as you like.  Lastly, please note that the On-Ramp curriculum is organized sequentially and is intended for you to participate in every class (usually 12 per cycle); if you have scheduling concerns please contact us ahead of time.

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Kettlebell training provides the ultimate combination of effectiveness and efficiency – you will improve your strength and endurance, build muscle, and burn fat all in these 45-minute classes.  Industrial Strength’s coaching staff is the most tenured and experienced in the Portland area when it comes to kettlebell training. Tony & Mira Gracia are the only two StrongFirst Team Leaders in the greater Portland area, and all of Industrial Strength’s coaches are trained directly under their supervision (StrongFirst is the gold standard in kettlebell instruction).

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Strength & Conditioning

The Strength & Conditioning class blends time-tested strength and conditioning protocols with adaptations designed to enhance the effectiveness, safety, and approachability of training for today’s adult.  This class delivers a nice balance of building muscle and get stronger, burning fat and leaning out, and increasing athletic qualities like agility and power. The curriculum is scalable to most fitness levels, from those just starting out all the way to the gym-junkie – meaning as your fitness level increases, the level of the workout rises right along with you.

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Combative Conditioning

Our Combative Conditioning class helps prepare your body for BJJ and kickboxing.  These workouts will build power, endurance, core strength, and balance / agility.  We incorporate authentic combative movements along with specially selected equipment to deliver a functional training workout that carries over beautifully to any martial art.  Another benefit of this class is its emphasis on multi-directional movements, which makes it a great complement to more traditional strength training.  No prior martial arts experience is required for this class.

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Weightlifting Team

The Industrial Strength weightlifting program consists of recreational and competitive lifters. Most of our team compete at both local Oregon LWC and national USAW meets.  The head coach of the team is Mira Gracia, who is a USAW Level 2 Advanced coach of 7 years and has earned gold medals at both Masters Nationals and Masters American Open Championships.  Respecting the hierarchy of good movement, technique, strength and then weight is at our core. Please note that Weightlifting is not included in the On-Ramp program; if you are interested in joining the program, or just getting some 1-on-1 sessions to fine tune your technique, please contact us directly at