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Industrial Strength in Portland is a different kind of gym. We're a community united by a common goal: to become the best version of ourselves. We welcome all level of fitness and jiu jitsu experience!

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Industrial Strength is a fun place to train, and you don’t need to be an athlete to be able to participate! Our coaches will lead you, provide guidance, and modify your daily workouts so they’re suitable for you!

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Finally make time for yourself and get more done in less time. Through experienced coaching, the right people, and a game plan for success, we focus on getting you the results you want.

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Group Fitness

Our coach-led group fitness class is for everyone! We use a combination of cardio, bodyweight and weights to maximize your hour with us. The workouts rotate on a set schedule with a huge emphasis on getting you started safely whatever your current age or ability.


Achieve your goals with our coaches who provide personalized programming and in-person sessions tailored to your specific needs. Benefit from targeted training that is designed to help you reach your desired goals.


Build muscle and get stronger with exercises like squats, push ups, and deadlifts. Our coaches will meet you where you’re at, ensuring an appropriate challenge for all levels


Kettlebell training provides the ultimate combination of effectiveness and efficiency. You will improve your strength and endurance, build muscle, and burn fat all in these 45-min classes. Industrial Strength’s founders (Tony & Mira) are the most experienced kettlebell coaches in Oregon.


The Industrial Strength weightlifting program consists of recreational and competitive lifters. Most of our team compete at both local Oregon LWC and national USAW meets. The head coach of the team is Mira Gracia, who is a USAW Level 2 Advanced coach of 10 years and has earned gold medals at Masters World, Masters Nationals and Masters American Open Championships. 


Jiu Jitsu (also known as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or BJJ) is a martial art and self-defense system that focuses on grappling. It is widely regarded as the world’s most effective grappling style and is the fastest growing martial art in the world. We pride ourselves on making jiu jitsu safe, fun, and accessible to all levels – especially beginners.

The head instructor of the program is Tony Gracia who is a 3rd degree black belt in jiu jitsu as well as a black belt in judo.


Our classes focus on fundamental techniques and movements that are ideal for building your BJJ foundation. Our structured curriculum focuses on a particular position or scenario for one calendar month, and rotates monthly to ensure you get to learn all the major positions and foundational Jiu Jitsu techniques from them.


Jiu Jitsu is a great way for kids to get exercise, make friends, learn self-defense, and develop values such as respect, discipline, and hard work. The program is available to ages 6+ and meets Tue+Thu from 4:00-5:00 PM. 



Elizabeth Pinca
Elizabeth Pinca
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We're a few weeks into our Youth Jiu Jitsu classes and have had a truly welcoming and wonderful experience. Tony and the Industrial Staff have created a great environment for training at any age. Our family just registered for their Strength 101 and are looking forward to this experience with Industrial Strength.
Carol Coye Benson
Carol Coye Benson
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I started at IS gym two years ago, at age 71, with no strength or history in strength training whatsoever. After two years of twice-weekly personal training sessions I feel strong and healthy for the first time in my life! I’ve made steady progress and have never been injured in any way. The gym and staff are friendly and always professional. The atmosphere is quiet and parking is easy. Not your average gym - I strongly recommend it.
Ali Kaufman
Ali Kaufman
Read More
My husband and I have been doing strength training here for about a year and a half and it's been amazing. We've been working with Adam and he's just a gem. Our workouts are tailored to our goals and strength levels and we've both seen great improvements. The space is nice and clean, and there's great energy. It definitely feels like a community, you always feel welcome and included. Definitely check out this great local spot to get on those strength and fitness goals!
Chao Yu
Chao Yu
Read More
Great BJJ learning environment for adults and kids alike. Coaches are kind and patient with the students, and also skillfully keep them on track in class. That goes for the kids class too lol! All round good vibes, and the facilities are clean and inviting.
Kanna Hudson
Kanna Hudson
Read More
This gym has improved my life in many ways- joining was honestly one of my best decisions ever. I’m a 40-year-old mom of a young child. I was pretty out of shape when I joined, but since going 3x per week for 10 months now, my physical and mental health have improved in a major way, and it’s really fun, too. It’s very rewarding to use heavier weights over time- and my improved strength is definitely noticeable with everyday tasks like carrying my kid around. I plan to keep going for years to come.

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We are locally owned and purpose built to make an impact on the health and happiness in Portland and the surrounding area. You’re not just a number here, everyone knows your name. We’re a community of like-minded people that wants you to show up and supports each other on this journey to live better lives – with no judgement or criticism along the way. Sign up today!

When you start at Industrial Strength, your fitness level will improve quickly, usually in the first 30 days.

The key to see results is consistency and commitment over time so that’s why we recommend 3 sessions per week as a start.

You’ll be sore some days, so allow yourself recovery days between training sessions at first – over the course of the following months work up towards 5 days per week if you want to maximize! Sign up today!

We offer exciting programming that becomes progressively more difficult as your level increases. Our specialty is helping you build muscle and get stronger, and our programs are designed to help you do that in ways that are fun and proven to be effective.

Our jiu jitsu classes are appropriate for all levels. Class will begin with a simple warm up including stretches and specific BJJ movements. Then you will learn a certain technique of the day and practice it with a training partner. People who want to do matches have an opportunity to do that at the end of class – but no pressure to do so when you are new!

Our youth BJJ program is available to ages six (6) and above. Classes are currently 4:00-5:00 Tue+Thu. We also have an adult strength training class at the same times, so parents can get in their own workout while the kids are in jiu jitsu!


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SGPT Session Change REQUEST

If you have an auto-pay enrollment that includes Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) then you have credits for a certain amount of SGPT sessions to be used during each week of every 28-day billing cycle.  Note that any unused credits DO NOT roll over to future billing cycles.  Popular time slots for SGPT can fill up quickly, so we recommend making your reservations as early as possible to help you get your preferred times.  On a case-by-case basis, with advanced notice Industrial Strength may be able to accommodate requests to roll over SGPT sessions to a different week within your billing cycle, but cannot guarantee the ability to do so every single time.  If you know that you will be unable to use all your SGPT sessions in an upcoming week, please use the form below to request a transfer or one or more sessions to the week(s) immediately preceding and/or following said week.  We ask that you give us at least 14-days advanced notice to process your request.  If we are able to accommodate your request, please understand that you will still be responsible for making your own reservations for SGPT sessions.  We also want to give a friendly reminder that we cannot accommodate requests retro-actively; for example, if you missed sessions last week we cannot add those sessions to future weeks. 


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