Athlete’s Guide to Finding the Right Clinician

Many of the articles I write are geared towards an audience of other fitness professionals.  This one, however, I hope will serve as a helpful “user guide” for lifters, athletes, martial artists, and fitness enthusiasts. If you compete in a sport it is nearly inevitable that you will suffer an injury at some point.  Obviously… Read More

Programming Considerations for Kettlebell Group Classes – PART 1

There is a lot of information available on programming kettlebell training both for strength goals as well as for endurance events; however most of what is available is focused on training an individual who has high compliance to a personalized program, and there is much less information available on creating usable and result-producing programs for… Read More

Sending the Right Message to Your Lifters.

Our gym has been open for a few years now, and over that time we’ve had quite the variety of people come through our doors to train.  We see everyone from total novices who had never set foot into a gym, all the way up to collegiate and professional athletes, and of course many folks… Read More

Last rep, best rep…Strength Training and the Modern Woman.

Close your eyes and take some mental screen shots of what these words bring to mind; strength training, barbells, kettlebells, tension, iron, sweat and work. Now take those images and layer these on top. Women, persistence, confidence, health, power, beauty and… wait for it- pregnancy. Yep, pregnancy. One would think that pregnancy is the odd word… Read More

Footwear for Strength Training Part 2: Product Reviews

One of our first blog posts was on recommended footwear for strength training.  It has been a couple years since that came out, so it is a good time for an update including product reviews on a few new shoes. The 2014 article stated that the footwear chosen for strength training should have three main… Read More

The Push Press I Heels Up or Heels Down

A popular exercise in many gyms is the push press (PP). At Industrial Strength we use barbells or kettlebells to execute the drill, but dumbbells, sandbags or other specialty equipment can be used as well. For those unfamiliar with the exercise, the cliff notes version is to hold a weight in the rack position (so the weight is… Read More

Benefits of Unilateral Training – Part 2

In Part 1 of the article I highlighted a handful of the many benefits of unilateral training, and why it can be beneficial to include it in your training program.  In this second part I will discuss a few exercises including technique pointers and which ones to try first if you are new to unilateral… Read More

The Benefits of Unilateral Training – Part 1

Unilateral training, or essentially training on one leg at a time, is a great way to complement the bilateral (two legged) training you already do.  It offers an array of benefits across the spectrum of health to performance.  Regardless of whether your goals are general health, sports performance, or competitive strength training, just about everyone… Read More

Exclusive opportunity for Industrial Strength members from ONNIT.

Exclusive sampling for Industrial Strength members of two great products Alpha Brain and Shroom Tech. Just ask Tony , Mira or Arryn. “Onnit Supplements are the foundation of our total human optimization. We have identified the best earth grown nutrients and scientifically proven ingredients in their most potent forms and combined them around specific themes… Read More