I’ve been working full time in the fitness industry, as a powerlifting event promoter and muscle magazine journalist, since 2001 and my travels and projects have taken me to gyms all over The USA and as far away as SE Europe. So I’ve seen the best of the best and the worst of the worst (think abandoned highway rest area with some weights laying around.) I’m happy to report that Industrial Strength Gym in Portland is on the far end of the “Good” side of the scale. Their equipment is competition grade (Ivanko, Texas Strength, Rogue, ect) and they have 4 power racks, 2 bench / squat combo racks and 3 Olympic Weightlifting / deadlifting platforms so there’s plenty of space for barbell based training. In addition, they’ve got a double wide astro turf track for sleds and conditioning drills and enough kettlebells to make a Russian strongman smile. And if you like a full arsenal of barbells, they have almost every model available; from trap bars to safety squat bars to Texas deadlifting bars. If that’s not enough to lure you in to check this facility out, I can confirm that it’s SPOTLESS (even the bathrooms are shining like a nice hotel lobby’s) and the trainers are collegiately educated (i.e. bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology) + they all compete in various gym sports (powerlifting, Oly lifting, kettlebell, grappling, ect.) and they’re an affiliate with Impact Jiu Jitsu, the largest submission grappling school in Oregon. And, when we come to train in the late afternoons, we can always find free parking within 2 blocks of their location which is a nice change to the normal downtown Portland parking situation. Industrial Strength Gym is my location of choice for all of my squat, deadlift and conditioning sessions.