Industrial Strength gym is a fantastic place to train! I have been at IS since December of 2013 and a competitive athlete most of my life and I couldn’t be happier with the trainers, classes and the quality of this facility. IS is an extremely welcoming community, the coaches and clients have created a supportive and positive environment. We also challenge each other daily to get the most out of our training time. Attention to detail and form are stressed in every class, so each athlete gets the most out of their workouts…sweating, training hard and having a blast in the process. Whether it’s strength and conditioning, kettlebells, BJJ or Olympic lifting, each class is excellently programmed and coached. As if the above is not enough, IS has the best physical therapist I have ever worked with. Josh Kidd is a rock star! He has worked closely with my surgeon and trainers at IS, so that I get the most out of my recovery. (I had knee surgery in February). Josh practices out of IS two days a week and the value of having him work so closely with the IS trainers is immeasurable. I have been able to successfully train, pre and post surgery, due to the expertise and knowledge of the trainers and Josh. The goal of lifting again and competing in Olympic lifting is around the corner and I can’t wait!! I know Mira will have me ready to compete and reach my goals. Industrial Strength has so many resources and options in one place…and a large, flat screen TV for chill time. Gotta love those little extras!