I have known Tony since 2012, where I met him at an HKC workshop. What struck me that day was his level of professionalism and genuine commitment to helping people improve. Fast forward a few years, my sentiments have not changed. I had the opportunity to work with Tony in a one-on-one setting in February of 2015. I came to him with torn up hands, a supposed grip strength problem, a sore back and cranky SI joint,  and  a kettlebell snatch technique  that I knew was the root of these problems, yet didn’t know how to fix on my own.

In just a few short minutes he was able to dissect my technique and we broke down the exercise in to chunks I could understand. We began to re-groove the movement from the ground up. By the end of the session, my technique had achieved success to a point where my hands were no longer tired, my back no longer hurt, and I felt the correct muscles engaging 100 percent of the time! It was a great feeling. I also realized how exhausting it was to snatch correctly. I could barely do 10 correctly with one hand with the 24kg before I was winded. It’s been almost four weeks since that day, and all I can say is that Tony’s patience and technical suggestions made all the difference.  I have been slowly increasing my volume and weight and have had no problems so far. I have now done over 20 in a row on one arm with the 24kg without setting the bell down, which is an amazing accomplishment for me.
I know it is not long before I feel “snatch test ready” all of the time.

Thank you, Tony!