Private coaching (often called “personal training” at other facilities) is a staple of the industry, and is a great choice to get in shape the fastest way possible, as well as for those who prefer a 1-on-1 environment compared to group training.  Our expert coaches individually tailor every session to the goals, needs, and experience level of each person who trains with us.  Our students have a wide range of goals, including fat loss, building muscle, nutritional guidance, improving posture, and overall feeling healthier and more energetic.  They come from a variety of backgrounds, including busy moms, high-stress professionals, people brand-new to the gym setting, former athletes, and those recovering from injuries.  Our private coaching rates range from $80-$95 per session depending on level of commitment; however if you are a local resident you can start with your first three sessions for only $165 ($55 per session). Please note that sessions with Tony or Mira have separate rates, please inquire if you are interested in working specifically with one of them.

“Signing up for personal training is probably the single best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Being able to work one-on-one with a coach allows them to really meet you where you are, and provide you with the foundation and encouragement you need to be able to progress in your training regardless of where you’re starting. Not only have I been tremendously pleased with how my strength has progressed, it’s been amazing to see how my confidence and resilience have grown as well. Finding the right coach is a decision you will not regret!” – Lauren K.

“Industrial Strength is the perfect blend of kick your ass, keep you safe, and make you strong!  Keep Portland Strong is their motto, Industrial Strength keeps me strong and striving for new goals that are the perfect blend of scary, I can do this, what am I thinking and…ahhh Success!” – Alexis A.

“What attracts me to Industrial Strength is the healthy approach that Tony and Mira have towards health and fitness.  Focusing on core strength through sustainable, healthy programs has given me the foundation to take my training to the next level.  Working with their coaches 1-on-1 several times per week has enabled me to set challenging, but realistic goals that has me in the best physical and mental shape in my 47 years.  I am grateful that I found a team that is empowering and supportive to living a healthier life!” –Randy H. 

“I’ve had the privilege of working with the Industrial Strength team for over a year while I rehabilitate a torn disc in my lower back. Together we created a program that kept me moving, built strength and protected my injury for long term health. I’m ecstatic to continue my training and be an advocate for the amazing Industrial Strength team.” – Alexis 

“I have been training at Industrial Strength for over two years now, and over that time I have been able to train with every coach at IS.  What I have found is a consistency in training philosophy, a deep level of expertise, and reliable coaching no matter what your goals are.” – Brent N.

“When I approach a lift I want to be as confident as possible in my technique.  Through the expertise of the Industrial Strength coaches I was able to nail down my approach and execution, so that I can focus on pushing myself and knowing my body will be in the right position to do it safely.” – Anthony 

If you are interested in private coaching please fill out the form below and we will get back to you right away.