Olympic Weightlifting  / Industrial Strength Weightlifting Team is our offering to the fully dedicated competitive weightlifter.  We know how hard it can be for an aspiring weightlifter to find a place to train that #1) has the right equipment, #2) where you are surrounded by like minded lifters and #3) where you can find excellent coaching and programming to help you succeed.

If you have been searching for a place that will give you every opportunity to reach your potential, this program is what you have been looking for.  All members of this program are driven and dedicated, working hard at their craft every day.  All of Olympic Weightlifting program members compete in meets (both in USAW sanctioned as well as unsanctioned) under the Industrial Strength Weightlifting USAW sanctioned club. If you have been looking for passionate teammates to train and compete with, this program has everything you’ve been looking for.

At our facility we believe in safety first and quality over quantity. With that in mind, we realize that not everyone is ready for Olympic Weightlifting at first. Before entering these classes, we require students to meet certain flexibility and mobility requirements, that are assessed through Dr. Quinn Hennoch’s Clinical Weightlifting Screen and Functional Movement Screen, and onboard through a short series of private lessons to ensure you are ready to participate safely in the group training setting.