Arryn Grogan / Coach

Classes: Kettlebell Training / Strength & Conditioning / Kickboxing


First and foremost, Arryn prides himself on being a lifelong student of both strength training and martial arts. He is skilled in learning new movements and exercises, and he enjoys coaching others through the learning process. His priorities are to first address safety and technique, and then to focus on getting stronger using tested, established methods.

Arryn started strength training after hearing about Russian kettlebells and all of their benefits.  He purchased a 16kg kettlebell and a text titled Enter the Kettlebell by Pavel and got started with his training.  It didn’t take long before he was hooked, and he searched for other opportunities to learn more and expand his knowledge base.  He attended a couple of events hosted by StrongFirst and earned his SFG kettlebell instructor certification.

Since joining the team at Industrial Strength, Arryn has worked hard to continue his education on strength training and movement by attending numerous seminars and workshops, including a powerlifting workshop from Juggernaut Training / Chad Wesley Smith, a two-day lower back seminar from Stuart McGill and several events in kettlebell and barbell training by StrongFirst.

In addition to strength training, Arryn has a passion for martial arts.  His specialty is Jeet Kune Do (JKD), in which he earned his black belt in 2014.  In addition to his striking background, he has also spent time diversifying his training in Filipino Martial Arts / Kali, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Capoeira.


Arryn is a Florida native from the Orlando area.  He enjoys the Pacific Northwest and jumped at the chance to move cross country.  When he is not at the gym Arryn enjoys music, gaming, and hanging out with his Great Dane mix, Shelby.

Experience and Credentials