Casey Campbell / Coach

Classes: Kettlebell Training / S.P.E.A.D. / Kickboxing

Casey is originally from Southern California and while he has lived in many different cities, Portland has always been the place he calls home.

His first exposure to kettlebell training was during his enlistment in the US Army. He was immediately hooked and after moving back to Oregon when his enlistment was finished, he became one of the very first certified kettlebell instructors in the Portland area. No matter what his current training goals are, the kettlebell always plays a critical role.

He also loves body weight and barbell training with the power clean and handstands being some of his absolute favorite moves for building strength, coordination and power.

Casey is a dedicated martial artist and holds the rank of brown belt in Jiujitsu and black belt in Judo as well as having over eight years of training in Thai Boxing. In addition to his training he has fought in boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts matches and is still an active competitor in both Judo and Jiujitsu.


When he’s not in the gym or on the mats, he can be found enjoying the incredible craft beer scene in PDX as well as spending time with his amazing wife Jenn.

Experience and Credentials

RKC Kettlebell Instructor
Black Belt Judo
Brown Belt Jiu Jitsu
ACE – Certified Personal Trainer