Adam Perry / Coach

Classes: Kettlebell Training / Strength & Conditioning / S.P.E.A.D. 

Adam believes the body is a linked, interconnected unit, and needs to be trained as such for optimal human performance. His first priority as a coach is getting his students to move well, then to add strength using StrongFirst principles. He believes kettlebell training is unique because it builds useable, functional, real world strength. And after you have that, everything else is in life is easier.

Playing sports and strength training has always been apart of Adam’s life. He attended Western Washington University where he was the quarterback of the football team. Because of his athletic background, he got involved in strength training when he was in high school and continued into college. A few years back, a friend let him borrow a couple of kettlebells and he has been hooked ever since. Adam appreciated the details and depth of kettlebell training and its simple yet sinister approach. This motivated him to achieve his SFG kettlebell instructor certification in 2015.

Prior to moving to Portland, Adam has spent the past few years living on the Olympic Peninsula and working at a Naval Base gym, he also instructed kettlebell classes at a small studio. He gained experience working with everyone from the senior population to elite military personnel.


Adam has lived his entire life in Washington, and is originally from Longview. He loves the Pacific Northwest and all the beauty it has to offer. Besides spending time in the gym, Adam enjoys pretty much anything that is active, athletic and outdoors.

Experience and Credentials

B.A. in Business Administration
StrongFirst – Elite
StrongFirst – SFG Level 2 kettlebell instructor
StrongFirst – SFL barbell instructor
StrongFirst – SFB bodyweight strength instructor
USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach
Clinical Weightlifting Coach Certified
ACE – Certified Personal Trainer
ACE – Certified Nutrition Specialist