The sport of weightlifting, or more commonly known as “Olympic Lifting” consists of just two lifts – the snatch, and the clean & jerk.  These two lifts are arguably the most athletic movements that can be done in the weight room, as both involve powerfully lifting the barbell from the ground to overhead.  We focus on lifting as heavy as possible (safely) for low repetitions.  This class is 100% focused on technique, strength, and power – at our facility we do not utilize the barbell snatch, clean or jerk for endurance training.

At our facility we believe in safety first and quality over quantity. With that in mind, we realize that not everyone is ready for Olympic Weightlifting at first. Before entering these classes, we require students to meet certain flexibility and mobility requirements, that are assessed through Dr Quinn Hennoch’s Clinical Weightlifting Screen and Functional Movement Screen, and onboard through a short series of private lessons to ensure you are ready to participate safely in the group training setting.

Beginner to advanced, if you are interested in competing locally or nationally we provide a supportive  team training environment and are a registered Oregon LWC club INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH. We train hard and have fun! Come lift with us! Email inquiries to info@industrialstrengthgym.com