The kettlebell is a unique piece of equipment that allows strength training and endurance training to blend seamlessly.  The off-center handle makes the kettlebell ideal for high-repetition explosive exercises like swings and snatches, while also providing superior range of motion and stabilizer development on strength movements like the military press and Turkish Get-Up when compared to dumbbells.  Our classes result in profound improvements in upper body and core strength, increased power from the hips and legs, and a unique type of endurance that carries over exceptionally well to many other sports and activities.  This class is a favorite for athletes from other sports to cross-train in, such as Jiu Jitsu, MMA, cyclists, runners and climbers.

We offer both all-levels and advanced kettlebell classes.  Participation in the advanced class requires instructor’s approval, which usually takes six months of consistent training.

At our facility we believe in safety first and quality over quantity. With that in mind, we realize that not everyone is ready for Kettlebell Training or Olympic Weightlifting at first. Before entering these classes, we require students to meet certain flexibility requirements, that are assessed through a Functional Movement Screen, as well as onboard through a short series of private lessons to ensure you are ready to participate safely in the class setting.

SPECIAL NOTE: All of our kettlebell classes are lead by StrongFirst certified kettlebell instructors.  StrongFirst is the gold standard in kettlebell certification.  If you are serious about learning to train with kettlebells, don’t accept anything less than the most qualified of instructors!