Strength & Conditioning 

Class length = 60 min

The S&C class is the heart and soul of the culture at Industrial Strength.   It centers around the “Big Four” barbell lifts of the Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press and Military Press.  The curriculum is anchored by the objective of building muscle and getting stronger, while it also encompasses improving posture, increasing functional range of motion, building core strength & stability, and improving conditioning.

A typical class will start with a warm up lead by the coach, then move on to training one of the barbell lifts.  Once proper technique is established, the focus with barbell training is typically on lifting fairly heavy weights for low repetitions, such as a 5×5 format.  Additionally, “specialized variety” lifts are cycled into class in an effort to improve technique and strengthen weak points.  Once the barbell lifting is done, the class will either work on auxiliary exercises (pull ups, lunges, posture drills, core strengthening exercises, etc.) or it will do conditioning work such as sled sprints.

The class is appropriate for all experience levels novice to expert.  For those new to the barbell lifts, there is a series of “Technique 101” videos available on the Industrial Strength Gym YouTube channel to get familiar with the lifts before coming to class.  Finally, due to the progressive nature of this class, it is important that all participants bring a training journal to every class and record their weights and progress.