Strength & Conditioning 

Class length = 60 min

The S&C class is the heart and soul of the culture at Industrial Strength.   It centers around the “Big Four” barbell lifts of the Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press and Military Press.  The curriculum is anchored by the objective of building muscle and getting stronger, while it also encompasses improving posture, increasing functional range of motion, building core strength & stability, and to a lesser degree improving endurance.  Please note, if your goal is weight loss, then some of other class offerings may be a better fit – the objective of this program is to pack on muscle and get stronger.

In order to get in the most lifting time possible during class, participants are asked to arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of class time to get their own warm up done – this allows the barbell lifting to start promptly at the beginning of class.  Once proper technique is established, the focus with barbell training is typically on lifting fairly heavy weights for low repetitions, such as a 5×5 format.  Additionally, “specialized variety” lifts are cycled into class in an effort to improve technique and strengthen weak points.  On some days the session will call for only barbell lifting, and on other days the class may include auxiliary exercises (pull ups, lunges, posture drills, core strengthening exercises, etc.) or it will do conditioning work such as sled sprints.

It is strongly suggested that you have some experience with barbells before starting this class (for example, you should idea what your 5RM is on each of the big four lifts).  If you do not have much experience with barbells yet, or maybe you have not used them for quite a while, please consider the Introductory 3-pack of 1-on-1 sessions to get you up to speed before starting classes (see Private Coaching page for details).