“I’ve been a member since November 2013.

I discovered I.S. due to its connection to Impact Jiu Jitsu, where my husband has trained for years, was the first factor. Then its proximity, convenient schedule, and diversity and reputability of its strength training programs attracted me to join early on.

I come to Industrial Strength for the community and for how happy I always feel when I walk out the door after a workout. Some days you walk in stressed out from work and life, and whether or not I made the lifts I was attempting that day, I walk out the door happier because of the IS community and the fun we have together. Everyone is hugely supportive and friendly. I never dread going to the gym– I look forward to it. It’s both a deeply personal place where I’m attempting to achieve my own goals and surpass my supposed limitations, and a lighthearted team-building experience.

Two of favorite classes are Olympic Weightlifting class with Mira is so so fantastic because it’s just as much of a mental challenge as it is physical. Her knowledge of and enthusiasm for the sport is highly contagious, enough that she convinced me to compete for the first time after only being in the class for three weeks! And Strength & Conditioning with Tony has helped me greatly increase my strength over the past 18 months, and his knowledge of proper form and constant tweaking of the schedule to optimize our workouts and keep us on our toes is great.

If I could summarize my experience with IS in one word, I think it’d be CONFIDENCE. When I began I had a decent base-level knowledge of weightlifting, but am now so much more confident in a gym and the world at large. I think that’s something not many people can say. I’m more comfortable in my own skin because I am so proud of how strong and badass I’ve become! The big thighs I used to lament are powerhouses that help me deadlift 260lbs! I can’t wait to get stronger and love the path I’m taking to get there with Industrial Strength.

The classes are dynamic and interactive, encouraging you to safely push your (usually self-imposed) limitations and to work with others. The coaches are super knowledgeable and friendly, and they’re always trying to help you succeed. Overall? The classes and the people at the gym are FUN.

I see the people at Industrial Strength more than almost any of my other friends and family. The fact that I WANT to show up 4-5 days a week tells you that it’s not an unpleasant place to be. You’re greeted with smiles, you’re encouraged to try and do your best, you have a highly experienced team of coaches showing you the way, you make great new friends, and you leave feeling accomplished, tired, happy, and looking forward to the next class.” -Stephanie

“I joined in October of 2014.

I was drawn in by the focus on strength training. I.S. has top of the line equipment and training programs that are consistent and just make sense. I felt like I could make real progress here.

That progress thing I mentioned? It’s happening, above and beyond my expectations! The training programs keep me engaged and excited to come work out. The coaches at I.S. are super knowledgeable, and are always learning more themselves, which benefits us members a lot!

I take the Strength & Conditioning classes, and the Olympic Weightlifting classes and I love them both in different ways. There’s no way I could pick a favorite between them. Otherwise, I love the community of members at I.S: supportive, strong, dedicated, they laugh at my jokes (mostly), and many have become friends.

Before I joined here, I was floundering through various workout programs I found online, trying to teach myself about fitness in a world of infinite differing opinions on what’s “best”. I just knew I loved strength training, and I was always athletic growing up and found myself missing the feeling of being on a team. At I.S. I get camaraderie and extra motivation, but I am still able to really focus on self-improvement. I’ve added SIGNIFICANT weight to all my lifts, I’ve taken up a brand new sport at age 31 with Olympic Weightlifting, and I feel stronger, healthier, and more confident than I ever have in my whole life. My proudest achievements are going from zero chin-ups to 7 (and counting!), getting my name on the Big 4 board, and getting through an entire Oly class without missing a single lift (sometimes). Mostly I’m just excited to go work out every day, and I can’t wait to see where else this takes me.

The curriculum is thoughtfully programmed and structured, without being monotonous. There is thought put into everything we do by the coaches, and they really have our progress, health, and best interest in mind at all times. We also have a lot of fun!

The staff? I love the differences in Mira and Tony’s coaching styles because they each have aspects that compliment my individual learning style. What they share is that they are so supportive and inspiring (given how dedicated and accomplished they are in their own training). They know so much, but do not consider themselves above asking for input from members. They really go above and beyond. “ -Jillian


“The types of classes and instruction they offer is why I joined  Industrial Strength. I come to I.S. both for an absolutely fantastic workout and for the atmosphere. I’ve never been part of a better gym community.

I truly love ALL the classes offered at I.S. but most commonly attend the Olympic Lifting and the Strength and Conditioning classes. Like previously mentioned, the camaraderie gained with the other members is amazing. People are there to make each other better. The coaches are also outstanding. They focus on form, not just how much weight you’re throwing around, so people get a great workout and do so safely.

I started at I.S. with some experience in Olympic lifting and training in a group setting from college. Before I joined though, I was used to working out on my own. I knew that I could push myself a lot harder than I was. After a few training sessions with Mira and classes with both Mira and Tony, I was hooked. After a year, I consider I.S. my mental break from life stress, a place to be with my friends, and the gym that has made me stronger than I have been in my entire life.

I’ve described I.S. to people as intense but doable training. The coaches assume you are there to work, but they don’t run a cookie cutter class. They adapt it to each participant and have exercise modifications for those that may need it. It’s up to the individual to push themselves to get the best experience, and the coaches give you the tools to do that.

I adore the coaches. Even the trainers in the gym that I’ve never worked with directly are friendly and supportive. So much time and effort goes into coming up with the training programs and I feel like the coaches really care that I succeed and progress. I love my I.S. Family.” -Sam

“I have been a member of Industrial Strength since Oct. 31, 2013.  The trainer I was working with at the time was planning on moving over to IS once it opened, and had recommended that it would be a good fit for me.  We had been working on some of the more introductory Olympic Weightlifting movements, and I really wanted to shift my training to focus on that.  I knew that IS was going to have space and equipment to accommodate this, and that the coaches there were skilled and knowledgeable with these lifts, so joining was an easy decision.  Industrial Strength has helped me build a strong foundation with the Olympic Lifts, and allows me to keep my focus on this sport by offering an AP weightlifting course that meets five days a weeks.  The class is geared towards those who have some experience with the lifts and are interested in competing, with training cycles designed to help each lifter peak for their meets.

Since joining IS, I’ve accomplished a lot of the goals I had set for myself.  My background was in running (cross country and track) and general strength training, and I really wanted to focus on getting stronger and becoming proficient with the Olympic lifts.  In nearly two years, I’ve added 20kgs to my back squat and 30 kgs to my front squat.  I’ve gained great experience with the Olympic lifts, and have competed in over ten sanctioned weightlifting meets.  I am continuing to grow and develop into a strong Olympic lifter, and am excited to see where the journey will take me.

Industrial Strength has a great variety of classes, and there is something for someone no matter their experience.  For the athlete looking to take up something new, the coaches strive to create a supportive environment where they educate and help build a strong foundation where that athlete can thrive.  For the more experienced athlete, the coaches are adept at expanding on that foundation, and pushing the athlete to get to the next level.  They’ve created a great, supportive, team environment, filled with friendly competition and camaraderie, and a place where everyone can thrive.” – Beth

“In November 2013, my former trainer recommended Industrial Strength’ s Strength & Conditioning class as a good alternative to the “homework” workouts I was doing on my own. I tried it out and joined almost immediately.

I appreciated the quality of the coaching. And the Strength and Conditioning classes were focused on developing strength with an emphasis on safety and good form, which was really important to me.

My athletic life has expanded since I joined I.S to include Olympic Weightlifting and Jiu Jitsu. As someone who wasn’t an athlete growing up, adding these sports was a huge deal. I wouldn’t be doing either if it hadn’t been for the diligent and approachable coaches I found at I.S.

I’ve enjoyed how the Strength and Conditioning class has evolved over time. I’m addicted to that class and hate to miss it. I’ve also enjoyed learning completely new sports, like Olympic Weightlifting and Jiu Jitsu. I feel like I was able to stretch myself because I was working with coaches who know me, and who I know to be top notch and extremely knowledgeable.

I feel like I walked into I.S. as a nerdy lady who liked to lift weights, and became an athlete. I love learning new things, but had never played a competitive sport or been part of an athletic team. In the past year, I’ve completed in several powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting and Jiu Jitsu competitions – all with the excellent guidance of the coaching team at Industrial Strength and without injury. This is a huge accomplishment, especially since I am almost 40.

During this transformation to athlete, my understanding of my body, of what I can ask it to do, has shifted. I feel confident and happy, big thighs and all. I am strong and capable of more than I imagined. This transformation, particularly as I am a cancer survivor, has been a gift of immeasurable value.

Industrial Strength is fun and organized. Hands on instruction and guidance means I’m getting the maximum benefit from each exercise – you get a lot done in just one hour. The team atmosphere is exceptional. My teammates and I encourage each other, hold each other accountable and also laugh a lot.

The coaching staff is delightful and seriously bad ass. The coaches are super knowledgeable – providing clear instruction and guidance step by step. I appreciate that they can explain the details of any exercise in a way I understand and can put to use. They are also very supportive and genuinely invested in the success of me and my teammates. ” -Vickie

“I have known Tony since 2012, where I met him at an HKC workshop. What struck me that day was his level of professionalism and genuine commitment  to helping people improve.

Fast forward a few  years,  my sentiments have not changed. I had the opportunity  to work with Tony  in a one-on-one setting  in February of 2015. I came to him with torn up hands, a supposed grip strength problem, a sore back and cranky SI joint,  and  a kettlebell snatch technique  that I knew was the root of these problems, yet didn’t know how to fix on my own.

In just a few short minutes he was able to dissect my technique and we broke down the exercise in to chunks  I could understand. We began to re-groove the movement  from the ground up.

By the end of the session, my technique had achieved success to a point where my hands were no longer tired, my  back no longer hurt, and I felt the correct muscles engaging 100 percent of the time! It was a great feeling. I also realized  how exhausting it was to  snatch correctly. I could barely do 10 correctly  with one hand with the 24kg before I was winded.

It’s been almost four weeks since that day, and all I can say is that Tony’s patience and technical suggestions  made all the difference.  I have been slowly increasing  my volume and weight and have had no problems so far. I have now done over 20 in a row on one arm with the 24kg without setting the bell down, which is an amazing accomplishment for me. I know it is not long before I feel “snatch test ready ” all of the time.

Thank you, Tony!”  – Brett

“At I.S., it’s like every single workout is a personal training session. You are in a small group training situation where your coach and your teammates know you; know your struggle spots, celebrate your triumphs, watch for those tiny tweaks of technique you are trying to perfect. The gains that you are able to make in a positive, supportive, and knowledge-based environment are unmatched.

One of the best parts of I.S. is the skill and knowledge the coaches bring to the gym. Not only have they studied exercise and physiology at the graduate level, but they are constantly pursuing continuing education. There is a huge bookshelf of their well-worn textbooks at the gym, and I can be confident they’ve actually read them. I know I am in the very best of hands.

My journey with I.S. may be different than many of my teammates, in that it isn’t a story of triumph–yet. The past year has been personally challenging: an overtaxed work life, a job change, and caring for a sick parent out of state for several months. I could have easily lost sight of my fitness goals in the anonymity of a larger gym. But the strong community at I.S. has encouraged me to take care of myself and keep coming back.

This is a quality over quantity type of gym. Don’t expect to come in and rush through a high-rep/low-form, cardio/strength/stretch combo 15-minute magic workout. The team workout environment is calculated and is the very reason why I.S. is such an effective place to make sustainable, long-term gains.

There is diversity to be sure, from strength training to jiu jitsu to kettlebells. But whatever sport you choose, you can be sure your teammates and coaches will help you develop the skills and technique to be the best athlete you can be.

The coaching staff can be described as genuinly caring and being concerned for your personal growth–not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.” -Megan

“After my knee reconstruction, it was important to find a gym that had knowledgeable and progressive coaches and programming. I wanted someone I could trust to help with my rehab and who could help me come back and compete again. Plus the amazing facility is a pleasure to train at 🙂

Why I come to Industrial Strength ? The coaching, the classes and the camaraderie. I love the small classes and focused coaching. It’s made a huge difference in my improvement and helps keep my motivation high. Plus I really appreciate the different classes, Strength and conditioning, Oly, Kettlebells are all fun and a terrific workout in their own way.

My favorite classes? I love the Olympic lifting class. Great coaching and people to train with. We have fun and kick ass!  Love the fact Mira develops our improvement plan and coaches us at the competitions we attend. I also enjoy the S&C classes as they are a great compliment to the Oly classes and really help with overall fitness and conditioning.

I  know I made the right choice coming to IS. Tony and Mira’s programming, attention to detail, and enthusiasm makes for a great place to achieve my fitness goals. I recently PR’d my Oly lifts at this years Arnold’s in Columbus. Pretty pleased to make this happen at 53 and after having my left knee reconstructed after a freak accident a 16 months ago. I don’t think I would have made the progress I’ve made elsewhere.  The coaches adapted and modified my training during rehab, which made a huge difference in my recovery and definitely kept my spirits high during a very difficult time.

To a newbie, I.S. is a blend of strength, conditioning, mobility and skill work. The classes and workouts are varied and fun. Barbells, conditioning (I love/hate the sleds!) kettlebells, Olympic Lifting and BJJ provide a variety of fun and challenging classes.

Tony does a great job of creating 3 month strength cycles in the Strength and Conditioning classes, and it’s super motivating to make new PRs towards the end of a cycle. All the classes have intelligent programming which is one of the things I really love about IS.

It’s a very friendly place, and everyone is welcoming and encouraging. I’ve made some good friends at I.S.! ”

Coaches and staff at IS are personable, knowledgeable and focused on each and every athlete in the gym. Their support and positivity is appreciated and motivational.  They provide an environment that is welcoming. I know I’ll work hard when I walk in the door, but I look forward to each and every training session.” -Joy

“I joined Industrial Strength in January 2014 as a New Year’s resolution to work out more.   My two close friends joined Industrial Strength and raved about the classes and experiences they were having.  I had always been intrigued by strength training but had no experience and felt very intimidated.  When I joined the strength and conditioning classes I immediately felt the safe and supportive nature of the gym.  The trainers were incredibly helpful in teaching the lifts and how to do them in a correct, strong, and most importantly safe manner.

Despite my being a complete beginner, I felt continuous support from my trainers as well as my fellow classmates.  Before joining Industrial Strength I could barely muster the courage to go to my university’s gym three days a week but it was this endlessly supportive environment at Industrial Strength that motivates me to now go to the gym five days a week, happily!

The strength and conditioning classes provide well rounded workouts for individuals of all levels of strength.  As a beginner, Tony was always ready to provide modifications to exercises that better fit my strength level while still challenging me.  I switched over to Olympic Weightlifting A.P. to train exclusively in the snatch and clean & jerk.  Mira provides us with an amazing training program that has us building our strength and skill simultaneously.  While working hard to master these two lifts, there is a great team atmosphere that comes with taking this class.

When I started, I remember struggling to carry out most of the lifts with the empty bar, sometimes even a PVC pipe.  My strength and mobility held me back a lot when I first began.  The staff is always willing to help you with stretches or techniques that fit your specific build to help further your skill.  After weeks of patience and working on technique, I began to find myself loading heavier and heavier weights on to the bar.    It is an extremely proud moment each time I get to lift a little more weight.

I have truly enjoyed every minute I’ve spent training at Industrial Strength.  I have never felt stronger or healthier in my life.  Yes, it takes very hard work!!   But with the well-designed programming and enthusiastic motivation that comes from the staff and classmates, they make every drop of sweat worth it!” -Julia