During this pandemic we are all struggling. We are struggling to survive and stay strong. What we do know about how to guard against disease, boost your immune system, keep you mentally sharp, keep your functional strong and happy is with strength training. FACT! Just because we have a shelter in place order it doesn’t mean we stop moving.

We are offering virtual kettlebell classes that you can follow along with at home.  Best of all these sessions are of the same high quality instruction and programming that you have come to expect from us at Industrial Strength. Thoughtful and proven programming lead by your coaches who have collective over 50 years of experience- woo hoo!!

Monday – Friday there will be LIVE class on ZOOM at 12 noon PST.

If you cant make it, there are plenty of classes archived on YOUTUBE HERE.


  • You don’t need an account.
  • Simply click the link HERE.
  • Enter your passcode, existing membership required.


  • They will be about 45 minutes long and includes a warm up and instruction.


  • We offer personal training via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc.
  • We work with people from the ground up to learn fundamental kettlebell movements so they can participate in the classes
  • We can also work with you to customize your training to whatever your goals & needs are.  Examples being:
    • Core strength
    • Mobility
    • Customizing workout plans for you based on whatever equipment you have access to while everyone is cooped up :)
  • To get started with this, purchase our INTRODUCTORY 3-PACK OF PERSONAL TRAINING and we will reach out to you to schedule your first virtual session.


-Mira & Tony