Here is our schedule for the TSC and anniversary party this Saturday October 5th, 2014!

Weigh-ins for the TSC 9:30-10:00

1st event = Deadlift, starts at 11:00 AM. We will announce flights/lifters as information becomes available. Last year we did all the women first, followed by all the men. We expect this to last approximately one hour

Short intermission

2nd event = Pull ups – these should be brief, 25-30 minutes or so

Short intermission

3rd event = KB snatches. We will do our best to have all the competitors for a given division go at the same time. We expect this to last about 30 minutes

After the event, which should wrap up around 1:30, Koi Fusion will be brining their truck here and parking right in front. You will be able to order anything off their menu, but remember it is one order at a time and we’re expecting 50+ people.┬áThe truck will be here until 3:30 PM.

Please let us know if you have any questions! Thanks!